Visit our church, but not our website!


If your eye starts twitching at the thought of someone searching the internet to find your church, I'm guessing there are two scenarios that often play out. 

They pull out their smartphone and do a ten-second search.

They find nothing. No Facebook page, no address or contact information. Maybe even an error page that says "this domain name no longer exists."


You have a Facebook page, but no one has posted to it in over a year. They find the website that a friend put together a few years ago, but it's not fitting on their small screen. The Sunday School start times are an hour off. You have a new pastor, but the previous pastors information was never removed. They can't listen or download last week's sermon. The nursery is listed as "closed for renovations," but that was months ago. The list goes on and on, and no one on your staff knows how to update this information.

In both of these scenarios your church doesn't exists in the mind of that potential guest and they pass on how your church can bless them.

Click this photo for an example of your new website!

Click this photo for an example of your new website!

Your ministry is important to our community and I can help others see that! There are thousands of people in the Brazos Valley that need exactly what your ministry has. I believe that God's Word instructs us to partner with Him and fulfill the Great Commission. You know how amazing and loving your congregation is, but most people are going to visit your website first and they may not see that.

I want to help you reach the lost and make disciples. Please contact me today for help with your social media, website, newsletter, print material or business card. I look forward to partnering with you in any way possible.


As an ordained minister under Rivergate Ministries International, Matthew Ortega, and his family have a zeal for everyone to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. It all started when we realized a need for a website at our own church, and Matthew Ortega Design was born! We have since helped non-profit ministries create websites, design logos and streamline their social media presence. It would be our pleasure to assist you in any way we can.

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