Would you fly this flag?

After I watched this amazing presentation by Roman Mars about flag design, I wondered what my city flag was. I did a little research and found this. 

It's great for a card or sign, but is it a great flag?

It's kind of an S.O.B (seal on a bedsheet) and doesn't meet all the criteria for great flag design. Honestly, I didn't know that cities had flags or that most of them are less than desirable to fly at full mast. 

Thank you Greater Pocatello Chamber of Commerce!

Thank you Greater Pocatello Chamber of Commerce!

Ted Kaye wrote the book, "Good Flag, Bad Flag: How to Design a Great Flag." He lists a few guidelines for a memorable flag.

  • Keep it simple, so simple a child can draw it from memory.
  • Use meaningful symbolism.
  • Use two to three basic colors.
  • No lettering or seals of any kind.
  • Be distinctive or be related.

So here is my interpretation of a Bryan Texas flag. I used the current city sign for inspiration. The colors and star are an homage to our great state and the x is a classic railroad crossing symbol.

What do you think? Should I incorporate more symbolism? Did you know your city had a flag? Let me know what you think, because I would love for my city to have a flag that citizens want to fly high.

Send me your city flag, I would love to see how fabulous or cringe worth it is.

Matthew Ortega3 Comments