Customer Support

With M.O.D. you're hiring a personal technician and artist for your business. Contact MOD 24 hours a day and ensure that your site is live and looks great.


Closing a deal with a handshake is good, but signing a contract is better. M.O.D. insist that all business transactions are agreed upon with a legally binding contract. 



Price is determined during the first meeting. Websites are at different levels of development and because M.O.D. keeps our clientele list small we can offer smaller business the lowest price available. 


You can contact M.O.D. anytime with questions about your site. If the internet is working your site is working and M.O.D. will contact the right people to get things fixed.



Checks and cash are accepted. M.O.D. also offers free online bill pay for your convenience. M.O.D. will also email you a friendly reminder monthly for any balances due.


M.O.D. can create and even maintain your social networking sites. Utilizing these free resources is essential to an online presence.